Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), Web apps, Content? Is there a single word that could encompass it all?

How about Cloudware?

If you think of anything being ‘consumed’ on the internet, be it content from an information website, an application being provided as a service, or service being used by other web services (like a postcode validation tool) then it is easy to imagine this all falling under the term ‘Cloudware’

I like to think of Cloudware defined as:

“Cloudware – n. A tangible or intangible product (or service) made for consumption solely through the Internet (the Cloud)

Other people seem to think so too, judging by the websites that are appearing with the term Cloudware :

and increasingly others!

Cloudware City above is an interesting one and right at my heart as someone interested in the way the web is moving – it looks like they’re delivering a service for the Web like Apple have done for the iPhone. More to come on that one!