Why platformed mobile phone apps are dying

We are living in a world where Apple and Google amongst MS and RIM too are fighting between themselves for space in the Mobile Applications market, and in their own closed ecosystems are doing alright for themselves, but it isn’t going to last.

You see, it really doesn’t help the consumer when their favourite app isn’t available on Android because the developers are only supporting the iPhone, or vice versa. Same goes for BlackBerry and the new Windows Phone apps.

As a software developer for the mobile world it must be a veritable nightmare when it comes down to deciding which platform to choose. Which way do you turn first? iPhone? Android?

So I say, why are we bothering with bespoke phone apps at all, when such good apps can be built upon Javascript/jQuery/Mootools etc with HTML5 and be cross platform, and then even work on desktop devices too?

Granted, some apps may require hardware specific functionality, or access to the device in such a way that is not available from Javascript, and these will continue, but for apps that have an online aspect to them, where they require internet connectivity to function (which are an ever increasing number), and since most devices are online 24/7 these days, what is wrong with developing the app as a hosted service where it can simply be built and installed once, and immediately used by its users without concern about having apps signed by Big Brother and then having users manually update?

Device specific mobile phone apps are a dying breed.